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 Published in Greece October 2015


Active people of Rainer Lagemann

Rainer Lagemann was born in Germany and he lives in Miami of the U.S.A. His main studies are the architecture and interior design, but the big success came along with his metal sculptures.
He started working with the metal in 2009, specifying the sculpting on the human body and its various forms. Endless small metal squares in perpetual composition of human figure reflecting as he says, the trials and tribulations of life. Each corner of this metal square represents the intellect, emotion, body and mind of every human being, namely the material with which we are made. Rainer wants to recreate the human body with his own components and with a magical way of creation and composition to enliven artistically lots of inanimate materials. Bodies in motion, running, climbing, create, express themselves and ultimately subordinated to the demands of their creator.
Written by: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou