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2015 Coral Springs, FL


 Shaping the Square

(MIAMI, FL March 5, 2015) — From March 5 to May 23, Rainer Lagemann’s figurative freeze-frame sculptures will be on display at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. The artist’s inaugural exhibit at the institution will invite viewers to carefully contemplate the human body in motion and its universal capacity for self-expression. The metal squares used to sculpt the pieces, coupled with the hollow framework of the forms, represent the intellectual ability, emotional range, physical strength and spiritual dimension of each individual. The shadows these figures cast on the floors or walls of the spaces they inhabit imbue each piece with a secondary layer of beauty, abstraction, and mystery. Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, on September 14th, 1959, Rainer Lagemann began his career as an artist in 2005 when an exploratory foray into welding quickly became an obsession and yielded his early works.

Shaping the Square

The exhibit consists of 42 sculptures, which are representative of the breadth of Lagemann’s work. His stunning stainless steel Diver pieces hang suspended in the air and sparkle close to the ceiling while his Climber pieces and dancing sculptures, elegantly powder-coated in bronze, red, and cobalt blue, enliven the exhibit’s walls. Rainer’s freestanding male and female forms invite intimate interaction as they stand together in groups, and Deep Thought, a solitary male figure sitting contemplatively on a bench, quietly but surely commands the viewer’s attention. Some of the artist’s newest works, skulls in an array of candy-colored shades, demand a closer look on floor of the gallery and are a bold addition to Lagemann’s oeuvre.

The Board of Directors of the Coral Springs Museum of Art organized Shaping the Square with Bruce Helander acting as Guest Curator and in close cooperation with the artist. The exhibition is also sponsored by DTR Modern Galleries.

Visitor Information

Admission Cost: $6 (Members Free)
Museum Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm (closed Sundays & major holidays)
For general information, call (954) 340-5000 or visit the museum online at http://coralspringsmuseum.org